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Alex McCalla

Alex McCalla, Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Alex, and I’m a Senior at Weatherford High School. I’ve lived in Weatherford for all of my life, born and raised. I've never even left the state of Texas. Weatherford is and always will be my hometown. For the 17 years I've lived here, I have met many wonderful people and have gotten to be a part of many wonderful things. I really hope that someday I could help make our town a better place to live in for everyone. So that one day Weatherford will stick out on the map, maybe even more than Dallas and Fort Worth, and be the awe inspiring city I know it can be. My ideals rest in friends, family, and community. I hope to perhaps one day work in a position where I can help the people who need it, so I can make a difference that really matters.

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Alex McCalla