WHS Welcomes You To Almost, Maine


Alex McCalla

Most of the cast and crew of Almost, Maine

Alex McCalla

Welcome to Almost, Maine. A small town that isn’t really a town technically, it’s just almost a town.

WHS Theater Production whisked us away to this special place, where we watched nine short stories of people falling in and out of love with just a touch of magic.

Almost, Maine introduced us to a man who can’t feel pain,
a woman who carries around her own broken heart,
a pair of friends that “fall” for each other in the most literal sense,
and other mythical tales of love and heartbreak.

WHS Theater Production made the audience grow attached to new characters, smiling at the happy endings (and tearing up at the not-so-happy endings) 9 times over in 90 minutes.

WHS Theater Production performed at Heritage Park Amphitheater this last Saturday. A nice stage to perform on that sadly made it difficult to hear the brilliant performances by the cast.