Democrats win Georgia

The election that flipped the Senate blue

Georgia Senate election by county

Georgia Senate election by county

Alex McCalla

With Democrats Warnock and Ossoff winning the last senate race in the country. The Senate has officially been flipped blue (Democrats have a majority.) Warnock and Ossoff’s win means that the Senate is now split between Democrats and Republicans, including two independents that typically side with the democrats. The VP, Kamala Harris, will break any tied votes, and being a Democrat, that means the Democrats have the majority power in the Senate.

Jon Ossoff has beaten incumbent Senator David Perdue in the regular election. Perdue had been a Senator since 2015, and was running for reelection. Perdue won the most votes in the primary, Nov. 3, but since no candidate had received a majority vote the two faced off in the runoff election, Jan. 5. Where Ossoff won with 50.5% of the votes. During this time, the Georgia special election was also underway, with candidates Warnock and Loeffler.



Reverend Raphael Warnock has beaten incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia special election. Senator Loeffler was appointed interim replacement for Senator Isakson, who’d resigned from the Senate Dec 31, 2019, and was running for re-election. Warnock won the most votes in the nonpartisan blanket primary, but since no candidate won a majority vote, the two faced off in the runoff election Jan. 5. Where Warnock won with 50.9% of the votes.

This is a very noteworthy election, as Rev. Warnock will be the first African American senator from the state of Georgia, and Ossoff will be the first Jewish senator from the state. Ossoff will also be the youngest member of the chamber, at only age 33.