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  • Why did WHS teacher Charles Frederikson Drive from Texas to Alaska Alone?  (Because He Could) | Kyndall Langford, Grass Burr Staff

    Why did WHS teacher Charles Frederikson Drive from Texas to Alaska Alone? (Because He Could) | Kyndall Langford, Grass Burr Staff

                          Beloved teacher Charles Frederikson has been teaching for the past 22 years, currently in the subject of computer animation. He takes pride in recognizing that one of the greatest advantages of instructing students is sincerely listening to them, as a good mentor should. Having spent the majority of his life in a classroom, he recently felt the urge to achieve higher learning in a different way, with an experience in a place he’d never been before.         He had already visited almost every state in the U.S.,

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  • Another Successful Roo Fest! | Quest Harrison, Staff Writer

    Another Successful Roo Fest! | Quest Harrison, Staff Writer

    On April 14th, the NGC held the annual Roo Fest, an event where students with special needs can play games and just have fun. This year’s theme was Luau. There were skirts made from straw and lei (hawaiian flower necklaces) students could wear if they wanted. There were classic carnival games such as ring toss and knock down. There was an obstacle course and sports activities like soccer and basketball. There was even a fire truck that students could climb into and honk the horn. But the students’ favorite parts were definitely the balloon animals, the baby kangaroos, and the

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  • Theater Off The Square: A Welcoming Place for WHS Students | Dirk Green, Staff Writer

    Theater Off The Square: A Welcoming Place for WHS Students | Dirk Green, Staff Writer

    Many students interested in the theatre arts find it difficult to find places to express their passion for things like acting, doing tech, or learning to direct.  Even with the high school theatre options, spring and fall shows, and production, sometimes it feels like it's not enough. Many students wanting to find theatre offerings outside of school have a hard time doing so with things like age restrictions and plays where youthful characters are scarce Theatre Off The Square (TOTS) is entirely welcoming to everyone willing to join. It is also surprising to know that TOTS is frequently acted at

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The journalism class at Weatherford ISD is truly the best class you’ll ever join. Our class offers a unique and unparalleled experience that will set you up for success in both your academic and professional life. With a team of dedicated and experienced teachers, students, and a supportive and inclusive environment, our journalism class is a transformative educational opportunity that will empower you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become a skilled journalist and storyteller.

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Our journalism class fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment where every voice is valued.

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Our journalism class is led by an experienced and passionate teacher who is committed to helping you succeed.

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Our journalism class provides you with opportunities to tell authentic stories that matter and are worth writing about.

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Our journalism class emphasizes the importance of accuracy, ethics, and integrity in journalism.


Our journalism class at Weatherford Independent School District (ISD) boasts years of experience in providing students with a comprehensive and dynamic education in journalism. With a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who bring their wealth of expertise to the classroom, our program has a proven track record of preparing students for success in the field of media and communications.

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