Tips, Tricks and Treats: A Costume to Die For


Alex McCalla

Costumes are, in my opinion, the best part of Halloween. Costumes are the ultimate way to show off your creativity and design skills. But sometimes it may be difficult to pick out what exactly to be each year. So I’m here to help you pick out what to be. All you’ll need is an ordinary die!

The first step is to pick what kind of costume to go for. You could go for something scary or something pretty, or something funny! I personally love doing a scary costume each year, but it’s totally up to you if you wanted to go as something to get a laugh out of your friends! 

Here I have compiled a list of 6 different types of scary and non-scary costumes. You can pick one from the list below, or roll a die and pick one randomly:

Scary Costumes:

  1. “Killer _______” Any person or profession but make it bloody and murderous.
  2. “Horror Media”  Something that’s scary that’s popular right now. I.e. Among us, Stranger Things, IT Chapter 2 etc.
  3. “The Classics” Any classic horror character. I.e. Vampire, Zombie, Mummy, Ghost, etc.
  4. “Monster” An inhuman creature that you can design yourself and make your own!
  5. “Made Up” You could even go as yourself! But you could be covered in blood, missing an arm, or have an axe in your back.
  6. “Sci-Fi” Something futuristic or technological. I.e. Alien, Robot, Apocalypse etc.

Non-Scary Costumes:

  1. “Fictional Characters” Go as a character from a Movie, Book, TV Show, or Video Game. I.e. Elsa from Frozen, Superman, Lara Croft from Tomb Raider etc.
  2. “Fantasy” Magical characters from fantasy settings. I.e. Fairies, Dragons, Elves, etc.
  3. “Occupation” Dress like a professional anything! I.e. Doctor, Firefighter, Athlete, etc.
  4. “Comedic” Silly costumes that are made to get a laugh! Like a cowboy riding a velociraptor, an old man, a shirt that says “404 Costume not found,” etc.
  5. “Celebrities” Dress up like one of history’s most memorable people. I.e. Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, Elton John, etc.
  6. “Double Up” Some costumes need a partner! Go as PB & J, Doc Brown & Marty McFly, Cloak & Dagger, etc.

Hopefully this helped you pick out something to be for Halloween.  But always remember that Halloween costumes are all about creativity and fun! So make sure that you enjoy your Halloween costume first and foremost. And make sure to

Have A Happy Halloween!