Seniors Share Words of the Wise

“Don’t be upset when you don’t get the classes you wanted, because it can lead to new opportunities.”

-Ariana Ortega

“Live your high school experience to the fullest.”

-Leslie Ramirez

“Don’t hold back and follow that star that stands out in you.”

-Leean Ortega

“Get out of your comfort zone a bit, right now is the time to try new classes and see what you like best.”

-Kendra Serrano

“I’d like to say to get out there, join clubs, get involved with things here at school. It can help you find your community within school and does wonders to help you succeed.”

-Nadia Santiago

“If you put the effort in and buckle down and get stuff done you will go farther than anyone else because everyone has special talent that will make you see what you will succeed at.”

-Bo Bagwell

“Do what you’re good at and don’t let people stop you from it. Because people are bad at certain things and good at others, so if you’re bad at something like math don’t stress over it. Find what you’re good at.”

-Jayden Morgan

“Life is all about patience because, if you have patience you can accomplish a lot in life. Because when you rush stuff it tends to fall apart.”

– Maelechlainn Thompson

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