Covid Cancellations – Is this the new normal?


Graphic created by Madison Metzger.

Due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Weatherford ISD, student events such as pep rallies have been cancelled.

Madison Metzger, Online Editor

A recent uprising in COVID cases at Weatherford Independent School District (WISD) has not only brought panic among students and their families due to health concerns, but also due to concerns about extracurricular events and activities. The district added a new restriction saying that indoor gatherings of any sort be cancelled.

“It is a little upsetting that everything is getting canceled and that districts around us are not doing the same thing as we are,” Senior, Faith Wilhite said. “So part of me is feeling as though we’re being a little dramatic but the other part of me is okay with it because they [high school administrators] are doing it for our safety.”

On Aug. 30, a new and improved “Smart Start Back to School Plan” was released to parents and teachers and implemented at all WISD schools. Unfortunately for students at the middle school and high school campuses this meant pep rallies were canceled “until further notice” as well as the homecoming dance.

“I think it’s kinda sad and I wish we could still do it because I’ve never had a pep rally in high school before because of all the COVID cancellations,” Junior, Cody Hannan said.

Also included in the “Smart Start Plan” is the suspension of outside food deliveries and outside visitors. The plan recommends students stay at home if they have any COVID symptoms and that positive cases are reported to the school in order to properly notify other students, parents, and teachers.
“Ultimately the plan was put into place for the safety of family and students,” administrator Mike Fair said.

Fair predicts that by restricting mass gatherings and recommending students wear masks and social distance, the number of positive cases of COVID will decrease and the students of WISD will get back to relatively regularly scheduled programming.