Justice Is Served

The death of George Floyd was seen by millions in broad daylight, being posted on every platform for all to see; a black individual’s reality in American society. Though a graphic and some may even say traumatizing video, it was indeed necessary for many to take notice of what it is like living life in brown skin and having strangers automatically assume the worst when just trying to drive, eat, or even breathe. Ever since last year, the feud between civilizations and those sworn to protect them have been on an all time high, almost looking as if it were a modern day Civil Rights movement. Furthermore, the road to place a verdict upon Derek Chauvin was indeed a long one, however, at last justice has been served. On April 20th, Chauvin has been convicted guilty of second and third degree murder, as well as second degree manslaughter. Furthermore, Chauvin has been sentenced to 75 years in prison, though Minnesota laws are slightly different than other states, meaning in actuality he would most likely only have to face no more than 40 years. Though this is a monumental step forward towards justice, this unfortunately will not be the end to racism and injustice within American society and law enforcement.  “It’s a relief, but the celebration is premature,” civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson said. “We still have a lot of work to do. This is a first down, not a touchdown.”  Upholding this thought, Daunte Wright, a young black man, was recently shot and killed by police as of April 11,  only 10 miles away from where Floyd had passed.  Though it may be small to some, this is most definitely a success for the black community, and a step towards the beginning of true equity within this country. America has ignored the cries of black American citizens long enough, and in turn we are now in the times to which justice will be served and freedom will truly ring.

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