A Shortage of School Spirit

Calli Gunnells, Staff Writer


School Spirit is a phenomenon that has been occurring all over the nation for many years, but as generations changed into the more technological society that we now live in, you can see our school spirit begin to go down drastically. Many schools believe the statistics that indicate higher school spirit can lead to excellent improvement in grades and overall performance, along with being happier in your everyday school life. At Weatherford High School, school spirit is very scattered, students mainly only participate in events that peak their interests, for example, participating in “spirit days.”

“Only people involved with school organizations participate in spirit days.” Tovah Lewis (21), said.

When a student has pride it means they have a strong connection with something, meaning this will give them a purpose to keep pushing through. Additionally, they can express more healthy emotions rather than negative. Students here at WHS have been known to show up for Homecoming, not to watch and cheer on the Roos, but only to hang out with their friends and interact with many people around them. This, in turn, distracts many from cheering on our teams, preventing them from pushing through the game to hopefully win.

“Overall our student body is about half and half when it comes to school spirit and supporting the high school. I believe that when it comes to the students in organizations they tend to have more pride, for example, Blue Belles. They cheer on the football team and they help with inspiring other kids to join in singing our school song.” Kylie Lewallen (21), said.

Having zero confidence in our teams offers them no hope in winning the games they worked so hard for. If students here at WHS were to show more spirit, it is scientifically proven that our school’s stats would increase both academically and athletically. School spirit is what the heart of the school is supposed to be, so we can’t let love and pride die out.