Biden Wins Election


Alex Ramirez, Reporter

Well, folks, it’s happened.  The votes are in, and it’s official that Joe Biden has been elected as the next president of the United States of America.  This is a victorious moment for some, but not for others.

“I thought the election was kinda unfair to be honest,” Jaxs Davis said.

Biden’s victory has been met with mixed reactions.  On the one hand, many people still gravitate towards Trump as president to the point that people still wear Trump’s merchandise despite him losing the election.  Layton Mahaney says “I believe that Trump should still be president because Biden cheated.”  On the other hand, many people are happy that Trump lost and welcome Biden and Harris with open arms.  And then there are the hundreds of people who are neutral or indifferent about Biden being president.  “I despise politics” says Corbin Wilson. 

“I think this was a very messy election, but Jesus is in control and whatever happens has a reason for happening,” Emily Hartman said.

Joe Biden himself may not be the best choice for our country’s president, but he’s our best shot at undoing the damage done by Donald Trump.  It should be noted, however, that a lot of the accusations against him have no evidence and were most likely fabricated by the Republicans in order to make him look bad, which seemed to work since people still don’t seem to trust him.  It doesn’t help that he’s 77 years old, making him the oldest elected president.  

“I’m mostly not really into politics, but I really didn’t like the results.  I just hope America chose the right person,” Kahlyn Spitzer said.

Despite the factors against Biden, does at least have political experience.  Not only was he Obama’s vice president, but he was also Delaware’s Senator from 1973 to 2009 and even previously ran for president back in 1988.  In comparison, Donald Trump was only a  businessman who wanted to further expand his own profits and become even wealthier.  Not to mention the fact that, while Trump objectified women (including his own daughter), Biden has shown unrelenting support for women’s rights.  The only notable issue with Biden’s administration is that Kamala Harris, his vice president, is a former cop, but that’s very mild compared to Trump’s crimes.

Joe Biden will be inaugurated in January, so let us hope these next four years will be prosperous and bring good fortune to us all.