Are Sharpies Canceling out Votes?

Paris Murphy, Staff Writer

Four different places in Arizona claimed to have used Sharpies for their ballots. Since then, there has been a lot of controversy about a video that has gone viral with more than 821,000 views. In the video you can see a woman saying how Sharpies will not affect the ballots or cancel them out. The video also shows a man saying, “we all came here to vote for Trump and those votes are getting invalidated.” There was also questioning over the Sharpie bleeding through the paper, however, the columns are off-centered so it will not affect the other side of the bubbles. Since Sharpies’ ink is fast drying and creates no smudges when put into new machines, they are actually the best option for ballots. Fine Tip Sharpies are the best thing for new tabloid machines.