Cheer: Netflix Movie Review

Miguel Patino, Staff Writer


The show “Cheer” premiered on January 8th, 2020 and it’s been a hit so far! With athletes going as far as moving from across the country to have the opportunity to cheer for the “dawgs”. Their first win took place in 2000 and they’ve built a legacy to uphold. 


Navarro is located or Corsicana Texas, it’s a small romantic city with the world’s biggest leading fruit cake factory. The director of “Cheer” is Greg Whiteley who also directed “Last Chance U” and has filmed other marvelous films. The Netflix documentary follows the Navarro cheerleaders for the 2018-2019 season on their journey to Dayota to compete in one of the most prestigious competitions for college cheerleaders. The film starts off by introducing cheerleading as a whole, and how it started and how it has grown in the past decade. Then we meet some of the most humble cheerleaders that will melt your heart seeing them succeed. As the semester passes, the final cuts for Daytona are made and we get to see the competition squad for the first time. We get to experience not only physical pain the athletes go through but the emotional as well. 


This show has brought many memories back to old and retired cheerleaders and has brought a new light to the sport. Celebrities like Chrissy teagan and the gold Olympic medalist Simone Biles have both tweeted on how much they love it. Some of the cast even appeared on the Ellen show and took 20,000 home that’s going to cover some of the expenses for the following season.


The struggles and backgrounds of the cheerleaders such as Gabi, Lexi, Morgan, Jerry and La’darius send a trend through the series. It gives hope for future generations to come, knowing that no matter the situation you are in,there’s always hope. 


In case you finish the documentary, some other great shows to watch are “Cheer Squad” which follows a Canadian all girl level 6 team called white sharks through their journey to worlds, it’s also from Netflix but it only lasted a season, and  In the case you don’t have Netflix “cheerleaders” is one of the best cheerleading series on YouTube. They debuted their first episode back in 2012 and it’s still going strong. It started out with The 5 time world champion smoed which Gabi cheered for the 2012-2013 and the 2013-20-4 season, through the years and it has showcased their 2 time world champion level 7 world team, reckless, and a glimpse of their new non tumbling team T.N.T.