Hurricane Harvey Relief

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Hurricane Harvey Relief

Julie Jack, Staff Writer

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Hurricane Harvey struck southeast Texas on August 25, 2017 leaving thousands of people with a sense of overwhelming loss. Now many people are displaced and living in shelters or traveling far to stay with family and friends while waiting for the flood waters to recede.


Taking time away from school and from being home with loved ones has caused stress and anxiety while stuck in a difficult situation not knowing what’s going on or what to do. Numerous victims of this hurricane lost many of their possessions; people lost  homes, valuable items, and even irreplaceable family memorabilia.


Texans who saw or who knew what’s happening were doing their best to help by sending out boats and first aid teams for those who were trapped in the flood, while also donating goods to families who were affected by the hurricane, such as food, water, clothes, blankets, and medicine. Here at Weatherford High, the Outreach Club, and the Blue Belles were helping collect a few helpful materials such as baby and school supplies.


“It helps the victims because the schools and the preschools were damaged to,”  junior Ashley Oliver said. “Without supplies they can’t learn and [proceed with] school, and even with all this going on kids still need to learn.”


Donating necessities that were needed can help one person or maybe many people at once. Helping the Hurricane Harvey victims by providing them with these items lets them know that they have support,  giving them hope, faith, and just a little peace with this situation.


The WHS students have put in a lot of effort and consideration in helping the Hurricane Harvey victims. They have been through unimaginable, trying times, but by helping and giving back, we show them that they are not alone. WHS was here to support and help work through all of those troubles together.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

“I would love to have any chance I can get to help and/or donate to help anyone in need,”  senior Charlotte Lee said.

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