La Escuela vs School

Cristian is a foreign exchange student from Spain! Here is his insight into the differences of the Spanish and American school systems:

Cristian Ramon, Staff Writer

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School is for young people- the job that you have before your first real job. You spend years of your life going to school; while some people go to the same school all their lives, other people move from one school to another school in the same city, state, or country. But I moved to another school in a different country. Through my experience, I can’t imagine that something that they have in all countries, like a school system, could be so different.


The first thing that is really different is that in Spain tests are more difficult than in the USA. This really surprised me because I heard that tests are really easy in the USA, but I never imagined that was true. Also, in Spain, we have more homework than here. It is true that some people work really hard every day and still have a lot of homework, but for me personally, I don’t have that kind of homework.


Another thing that changes is that you have 5 minutes to go to your class between periods, and you have to go to the class of your teacher. In Spain, the teacher comes to your class. They always said that “you have 5 minutes to rest,” but we never had that time to rest, for this time is really good to prepare for class and talk with your friends. I think it is better to go to different classes as you do in the USA because you can know more people and make more friends than if you stay in the same class with the same classmates all the day.


For me, the most important change between schools in the USA and Spain is the sports. In Spain, we don’t have sport teams through the school so if you want to play any sport, you have to play in the team of your town.  I think that it is better to play on the team from your school because is more fun and interesting to play school versus school.


Another thing that I like here is that people are really friendly, and they want to talk to you and know you. In Spain, it is really different because people don’t want to know other people and prefer to talk to other people.


There are a lot of  differences between schools. This is normal, and if I have to decide the school in Spain or the school in the USA, I’m really sure that I will choose the school in the USA. I like the idea of having sports in the school,I like the people because they are really friendly, and it is easier to have a good grades. So for me, school in the USA is better than in Spain.

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