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Elisa Jiménez, Staff Writer

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Christmas is one of the most expected holidays of the year. It has become a big family tradition that brings a lot of joy to the home, especially to the little ones. This holiday brings together many families who share activities like decorating the house or the Christmas tree, singing the typical Christmas songs, meeting for dinner and exchanging presents, among others.


Each year Christmas comes accompanied by presents for the most of the people. This act of delivering gifts makes happy both, the people who receive them and those who give them. The house is full of smiles and happiness when the gifts are given and especially the little ones, and the not so small ones, await with much desire and emotion their Christmas presents.


But first people have to think and choose what to give to each person, what can sometimes become a complicated task. Here are some of the most desired presents for Christmas 2017:


1- Tech


Each year new and better technology comes out. Christmas is the best opportunity to get these new products. This year the new generation of Apple is very requested. iPhone 8 introduces an all-new glass design and with a better camera, with iPhone X, which is entirely screen, vision is now a reality and with Apple Watch Series 3 people can leave their phone behind, because this watch offers the most of the functions of a phone.

2- Clothes


Nobody can resist the charm of new clothes, this never fails. This time of the year is the perfect moment to renovate clothes. It can be any type of garment, from a basic shirt, through designer jeans, to the funny Christmas socks that are present in almost every house.

3- Fangirl/boy Gifts


For all those people who are obsessed with their favorite actor, music band, series, etc. there is no better present that something related to that they love. This year Stranger Things has become very popular, especially among the young people. The T-shirts of the series are the perfect present for fans. But not only Stranger Things, other shows like The Walking Dead, Riverdale, or Star Wars are very popular. The key is finding what each person likes.

4- Books


Books are one of the most special presents for many people. There are still people who like to turn the pages and who love the smell of a new book. Some examples of popular books of this year are: “The princess saves herself in this one” by Amanda Lovelace, a poetry collection divided into four different parts; “Turtles all the way down” by John Green, in this last novel of the author a teenager’s mind is at a war with itself and “Lincoln in the Bardo” by George Saunders, a novel that takes the death of Abraham Lincoln’s beloved 11-year-old son.

5- Jewelry


As with clothes jewelry is always well received, from something simple to top off a look to something spectacular that takes all the attention. Kendra Scott is a good option that normally everyone likes. And if someone is still undecided the famous charms and pendants of James Avery can be used as everything.

6- Instant Film Camera


For lovers of photography the instant camera will be one of the best gifts. With this camera photos are obtained at the moment they are taken. An ideal present to keep all memories forever. People can choose between some different models like Polaroid, Fujifilm, and more.

7- Trampoline


This is a perfect present especially for a group of people. Everyone likes to enjoy jumping in a trampoline and the little kids more. This will make them all happy.

8- Travel/ Trip


Discovering new places, spending time with the family, taking a break of everything, making travelling a perfect option. It can be in the country, out of the country, out of the continent, in the beach, in a big city, in a small town, etc.  People have lots and lots of choices here.

9- Money/Gift Cards


Another option is giving money so people can buy what they want; this is a guaranteed success gift with which nobody will fail. Money always comes in handy and if someone doesn’t like to give the money in cash, that’s what gift cards are for. Starbucks card for coffee lovers, iTunes cards, etc. There are a lot to choose.

10- Food


This is a great present for all those people who like good food and to try new things. Christmas is the moment to spend a little more on good food, either from here or from other countries. Nobody is going to refuse a good quantity of sweet treats!

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