Crazy Water Plaza

An inside look at the history behind the venue for Prom.


Miguel Patino, Editor-in-chief

The senior class officers made the decision in the middle of February to move prom from Venue 920 to Crazy Water Plaza in Mineral Wells. Although the news shocked so many people, the new venue provided many necessities that the previous venue did not provide. For example: better parking and traffic flow, an area for a red carpet, and more square footage to dance and lounge in.

Crazy Water Plaza is filled with character and history throughout. The Crazy Water Hotel was originally built in 1912, but it was burned down in 1925 and was finally reconstructed in 1927. Throughout its lifetime the hotel was filled with so many stories but the most fascinating one was from a woman who suffered from severe dementia who most locals called “Crazy Lady.” After the woman drank the water from the well at the hotel for a period of time, she was cursed, hence the name Crazy Water and the Crazy Well. The hotel had numerous famous guests every year, some including Machine Gun Kelly and Bonnie and Clyde. With all it’s successes, even the Crazy Water Hotel didn’t initially survive the tough times.  It eventually was converted into a retirement home and remained that way up until 2013 when they seemingly shut their doors for good.

In 2018, a couple who had great successes inside and outside of Mineral Wells town, decided to go back home and bring it back to life. With their team’s hard work and dedication, they were able to bring 88 local investors into this project with them. These investors were equally excited to see the hotel restored back to its original historic character. The hotel now hosts special events and even plans on opening apartments in the upper floors.

The new venue might be a longer distance but it’s all worth it. Once you step in the door you’ll feel like a wild young person from a hundred years ago.