Q&A with Nico

Staff Writer Miguel Patino interviews Nico, a foreign exchange student from Germany!

Miguel Patino, Staff Writer


Q: What is the best part of living in Texas?

A: “Playing for the Roos and the very nice people here, especially my host parents.”


Q: Who is your favorite artist?

A: “Eminem.”


Q: What do you miss the most from Germany?

A: “My family.”


Q: Do you think you’ll stay friends with the people you’ve met?

A: “Yes.”


Q: Thoughts about the school system here in the United States?

A: “Sport Support is baller and the teachers here are nice and kind.”


Q: Favorite American snack?

A: “Pork chops.”


Q: Thoughts on country music?

A: “ I LOVE IT! Especially Blake Shelton.”


Q: Favorite sports?

A: “American football.”


Q: Favorite local restaurant?

A: “Sheps.”