A Teacher To Be Thankful for

GrassBurr staff writer Julian Lott covers the teacher he is grateful for!

Julian Lott, Staff Writer

WHS is full of many hardworking and amazing teachers many of which who take that extra step to make an enduring impact on the education of their students. Ms. Loveland is kind and hardworking, a master of all things physics, and one of the best teachers here at Weatherford High School. But Ms. Loveland wasn’t always the science whiz she is today, and she wasn’t always teaching.


“I actually became a teacher because I needed a job,” said Ms. Loveland, “And I was originally a math major, but the school needed somebody to teach physics. After teaching physics for a while, I fell in love with it and really enjoyed teaching it and teaching in general.”


“[When asked about her favorite part of being a teacher] The kids, obviously, they really make this job worth it. I plan on teaching them as long as I can keep up with the workload, I usually pull around 80 hour weeks, but the summers help me relax and unwind. I usually do yoga, it helps a lot.” Ms. Loveland said. 


“My most memorable moment was probably when some of my kids got a bit ambitious during a lab and accidentally started a small fire.” Mrs. Loveland said. 


Many students at Weatherford High share a sincere appreciation for Ms. Loveland.


“Ms. Loveland is an excellent teacher whose teaching skills are unsurpassed by any other at the high school. She has a passion for all of her students while also being down to earth” said senior Brandon Watson.


“I think Ms. Loveland is one of the most dedicated teachers at this school and she has done an excellent job of teaching me in physics and research.” senior Daniel Yeats said.


“I believe that Ms. Loveland is one of the few teachers that are so passionate about what they teach. Due to her enthusiasm for what she’s teaching, I stay interested in physics, even though I’m terrible at the class. I admire her passion, patience, and compassion she teaches with, as well as how she treats her students.” said senior Meagan Mitchell. 


It is clear to see that everybody adores Ms. Loveland, and it’s no question why, she’s an amazing, dedicated teacher, and I am very thankful to be in one of her classes.