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Is There Love in the Air?

Roses, chocolate, and smitten smiles were all around WHS today. Yet, not everyone shared these sweet sentiments. Shelby Gilley asked student of WHS for their thoughts about Valentine's Day.

Shelby Gilley, Staff Writer

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Q:  What is love to you?


A: “I think love means to be able to share everything with somebody. Accomplishments, secrets, goals, and wholeheartedly being able to trust them,” said sophomore Ashtin Hudson.


Q:  How do you show love to those around you?


A: “Little things. Little things add up, meaning the most,” said sophomore Abby Fant.


Q: What’s your favorite part about Valentine’s Day?


A: “My favorite part about Valentine’s Day is how blessed I feel to have my friends and family around. They love and support me every day,” said freshman Dylan Choates.


Q: What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?


A: “Probably when we first got married… my wife and I went to stay in a cabin in the smoky mountains for 3 days. It was my favorite Valentine’s Day memory,” said Coach Mance.


Q: Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? If so, what?


A: “I don’t know if it’s a tradition exactly, but my mom and I always buy each other flowers. It started as a surprise to each other, but now at this point we just expect it. It’s still fun to pretend it’s a surprise though!” said senior Trinity White.

Q: Have you been struck by Cupid’s arrow this year?


A: “Yes I have! The 15th will be our 11 months!” said junior Genevieve Jackson.


Q: What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


A: “My plans are going to New River to celebrate Valentine’s Day, hanging out with my amazing friends, then going home to spend time with my beautiful family,” said senior Gigi Greer.


Q: Flowers or Chipotle?


A: “Roses, because they’re such a sweet gesture and a symbol of love,” said sophomore Kourtney Hock.


Q: What would be your ideal guy this Valentine’s?


A: “Someone polite, honest, charismatic, tall, and takes me to James Avery,” said sophomore Avery Rust.


Q: What’s your favorite Chick-Flick?


A: “Titanic, because ‘he’ll never let go,’” said senior Steven Nesbitt.


Q: Is Valentine’s Day one of your more favorable holidays?


A: “No because I’m not a big fan of chocolate, and you don’t need a specific day to show someone you love them. If you really love them, you should show them everyday,” said junior Guadalupe Solorzano.


Q: What are you getting this Valentine’s Day? Hugs and kisses, or alligator tears and a healthy dose of comfort food?


A: “Hugs and kisses from my mom, but my 10-year-old brother got me a Valentine so I’m doing pretty good,” said sophomore Skyler Galloway.


Q: What song would best describe your Valentine’s Day?


A: “Lonely by Akon,” said Jake Munnell


Q: Who’s your ideal Valentine?


A: “You,” said junior Harold Otey, referring to his girlfriend. 

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Is There Love in the Air?