Out of The Park

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Out of The Park

Allison Williams, Staff Writer

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While the Houston Astros were working their way to a  World Series victory, another Texas baseball team was sharing the sense of camaraderie merited from athletics. The Weatherford Roo Baseball team put on a Miracle League game on September 30, 2017, demonstrating the epitome of outstanding sportsmanship and kindness.


Miracle League of Parker County is a non-profit organization focused on providing a safe and enjoyable team sport experience for kids and young adults with mental disabilities regardless of his or her experience level of ability.


“It was a great experience,” senior Zach Swain said. “You’re allowed to work with kids that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to play baseball and it’s nice to be able to do that.”

For Asher Zapata, a junior, it was a “very eye opening” experience that made him realize how “lucky he is to play baseball for WHS.”


There as no “strike-out” here! Both teams put in a gracious endeavor to have a great game with amazing memories that they will cherish forever.


“We all won because of the memories that were made and the time spent with the kids who appreciated our time,” junior Parker Spivey said. Junior Jacob Broomes agreed, “They all had fun…they enjoyed it and that’s what really matters.”

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