Seniors Anticipate a Life Beyond High School

Andrew McNay, Emma Moorman, Dana Abdeljalil, Gavin Thompson, and Lillian Mauldin Explain Their Final Thoughts as they Plan Their Exit from WHS


Kenzie Ballard, Staff Writer

We are now about three weeks into 2017, a year which, as all new years do, still holds the possibility for greatness, triumph, and success. Each year the graduating class anticipates the day that they will walk across the stage, clutching their hard earned diploma. The class of 2017 is setting special resolutions as they embark on the journey of their last semester in the Weatherford area. Here is 2017’s hopes and dreams and desires as they settle into an upcoming period of newness.

Emma Moorman is moving away from Weatherford next year to College Station to attend Texas A&M University. She intends to use her seniority to leave a legacy behind, and is thinking about the impact that she can leave here.

“It’s kind of mind blowing, honestly. I have spent 13 years sitting in classrooms constantly looking forward to the time when I would graduate. Ironically, the closer graduation gets the more I have begun to dread it. It’s exciting to start my journey out into the world but also scary to leave everything I have ever known and relied on behind,” Moorman said. “It is our job to leave a legacy of respect for not only the campus but also the amazing teachers and faculty that work hard everyday to help us succeed. From spoon sculptures to the everyday book report the challenges I have faced here, Weatherford High School, has made me into the person I am today. While I am happy to be moving on to A&M next year,  Weatherford High School will always hold a special place in my heart.”

On the other hand, Andrew McNay will attend the Air Force Academy in the fall with the prospects of a future in the military, and a desire to be a leader for the nation.

“I hope to impact WHS through my actions and character. I hope underclassmen will see my work ethic and be motivated to be the best they can be. Weatherford has impacted my future goals by giving me a good education to lay the foundation of my future endeavors. The tools I have now will serve me well in my future,” McNay said. “[Graduating] feels oddly like a sunset. You rise and see your potential world and then set on a new day into a new part of life. It’s a rewarding feeling.”

For Dana Abdeljalil, preparation to go into a new life in college yields intensity as she simultaneously plans and anticipates her future. She is working to set her standards high this semester and fulfill them through her hard work on campus.

“I hope my contributions to this school have and will impact future generations at WHS, while I will continue to work hard during my last semester to influence other students.  Time has definitely passed by fast! I can’t believe my time at WHS is almost over,  but I absolutely cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me and I’m ready to begin a new life! I honestly can’t even believe I’m about to graduate. It’s going to take some time for me to realize that I’m growing up!” Abdeljalil said.  “I’m definitely going to miss WHS, this school has set many high standards that have motivated me to keep striving for my goals!”

Another future Aggie, Gavin Thompson will be leaving Weatherford in the fall to attend The Dwight College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, with the hopes of becoming an aerospace engineer and eventually, an astronaut.

“[I hope to] just go with the flow and finish the year strong. By taking different classes at Weatherford and experimenting with them,  I feel I have opened my mind to different opportunities and majors down the road,” Thompson said. “I’ve been waiting so long and have been working so hard to get here, and it’s time to go, but at the same time I know I’m going to miss this school, the family, and all of the friends I have made along the way.”

Additionally, Lillian Mauldin is going to college and will get a degree in a global studies field. She will likely major in human rights and travel across the world while changing the lives of others.
“During my last semester at WHS, I would like to encourage others to pursue what makes them happy regardless of societal expectations or job salary. I would also like to help people appreciate themselves more and realize that even if you are going through a hard time, it is only a fraction of your life and your struggles now will only make you stronger in the future,”  Mauldin said. “Knowing that everything I’ve worked for for the past four years is finally going to pay off is a great feeling, and knowing that life is all uphill from here gives me such a great sense of elation that I can’t even describe. Challenging the accepted or conventional beliefs of my environment has been a huge catalyst for my passion for change and progression. I am ready to leave WHS and impact my community and the world for the better.”