Bilingual WHS Students Encourage Others To Learn Spanish


Senior, Ana Pereda works at a job where she is often asked to translate.

Ana Pereda, Cheryl Luna & Miriam Lopez

As the United States approaches the end of Hispanic Heritage Month, it is a good time to reflect upon the effect that the Hispanic community has had on the landscape of Texas education and careers.  Many Texans are still quick to downplay the importance of being bilingual when living in such a multicultural state, but we are taking a look at why financial experts and education officials are increasingly saying that students should consider learning Spanish.

According to, a website whose primary focus is to connect potential employers with appropriate employee candidates, job hunters are more “hirable” if they can speak Spanish.  This is particularly true in Texas, where so many businesses are looking to hire employees who can communicate with an increasingly Spanish speaking customer base.

Texas’ bilingual workers are not only more likely to find employment, but they will also likely make more than their counterparts who only speak one language.  According to a study done by Stanford University, bilingual employees can expect to make at least 5% more than individuals in the same position who are not bilingual.

Speaking Spanish is obviously a valuable tool in the workplace, and students would be smart to at least consider the financial and social benefits they could gain through the acquisition of the Spanish language.