Here We Go Again

The falling of tree leaves, the chilly mornings and Friday night lights have one thing in common: Back to School. The excitement of football season, Pep Rallies and tournaments. Everything is coming back to normal, teachers are getting their flexible seating back instead of seating students in rows. Except it is not, with over 90 cases averaging, weatherford high school has canceled many school events such as pep rallies, food booths and movie nights that were essential to school spirit. School spirit has been decreasing slowly since covid started. “I feel like school spirit has decreased because the school puts too many restrictions all at once, making us feel very limited on what we can do,” Senior Carlie Ogle stated. Everyone is frustrated with the school, especially seniors. Everything feels like the past two years. “In my opinion, the school can minimize COVID-19 by bringing VLA back for those kids who live with family members that have weaker immune systems. I also think the school should mandate masks to those who are unvaccinated because if we fill up the halls of our school every day to the brim, cases are just going to keep rising and more fun activities will be canceled.” Senior Grace Sinquefield stated. Everyone has different views on the protocols that the school has and should have. The school is divided into two groups again. Social media isn’t helping either. Timelines are being filled with opinions coming from all viewpoints and directions. The perfect year for most has turned into deja vu for all.

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