Movie Review: Frozen 2

Julian Lott, Staff Writer


Frozen 2’s release was a smashing success this Thanksgiving, reaching over $740 million dollars worldwide and its not hard to see why. The adventure that Elsa and the gang go on is fun and entertaining, a bit predictable, but it is a kid’s movie after all. Even with a predictable plot, I was still drawn into the story, thanks to its wonderful animation that had obviously had a lot of time and care put into. In addition to the animation, the music as well, outshines the original. Leaving the theater I actually had more than one song stuck in my head this time.

If I had to complain about anything it would be that the plot is convoluted. The original Frozen had a much easier flow to it while Frozen 2 was a bit over the place. Not to mention that Frozen 2 pulls on a lot of backstory that wasn’t in the first film at all. But I doubt an 8 year old would be pointing out all the inconsistencies in the story.

Overall Frozen 2 was a great time filled with stunning visuals and stellar music and I will definitely be listening to the soundtrack on Spotify.