Lady Roos Serve It Up

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Lady Roos Serve It Up

S. Gilley

S. Gilley

S. Gilley

Jade Hebbert and Elisa Jiménez

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Volleyball is a team sport that requires many hours of training and effort it is the  relationship of the players that makes the defines and differentiates teams. The Lady Roos volleyball team has achieved outstanding success in the court this season though the changes that have been implemented and challenging themselves to play as a team.


One factor of success this season has been the change of coach and how their new sense of comfortability with Coach Gay has  established a good relationship support of each other. His coaching skills and the the effort and perseverance of the team have made them become stronger and getting a 5-1 record in district and a 31-6 record overall.


“I definitely think a challenging practice pays off during a game. I can drill a new technique into my practice making it easier to do without thinking,” said senior London Austin-Roark “If there is no effort in a practice you will get no results on the court.”


This year the team is more united than ever; players spend so much time together, not only in the everyday practices, also off the court. Their success is credited to this accord within the team.


“Honestly, volleyball is a really basic sport. You pass, you set, you hit, you serve, and you block the ball. That’s it. Many teams can be really good at all those things, but they have to be driven to work as a team and play as a team to see positive results,” senior Gabby Huggins said.


When you love the game as much as every player on the team does training everyday doesn’t bother us, as we know it is helping us improve,” senior Kaitlyn Rogers agreed.


Recognition of individual success encourages the players to stay committed, but a team must learn to fuse their individuality for a common goal. Recently Carissa Barnes was selected as Volleyball Player of the Week, representing her team.  


“Winning volleyball player of the week was a great accomplishment and has focused me on leading my team to victory one game at a time,” said junior Carissa Barnes. “The team has had a lot of success so far this year, but there is still more to come. All of us are focusing on one game at a time as well as working hard and applying our talent into this current season.”


Volleyball, although very important to the players, must be balanced with their academic commitments. This conundrum of equating responsibilities requires the team members to challenge themselves in multiple areas.


“I’m a night owl anyways but weekends are definitely my saving grace. It is difficult to take 5 AP classes (6 last year), practice until about 5 everyday, and have 2 games a week but, to me, it’s totally worth it,” Huggins said. “I love the game of volleyball and don’t mind the late nights because at the end of the day I’m having fun and that’s enough for me.”


In this sport players depend on each other, so it is fundamental to have support and fellowship. Many teams can have talent, but without trust in their teammates they are unable to truly succeed. An accomplished team is composed of players who are as dedicated to the game as they are to the other teammates.


During tough matches everyone on the team helps support one another including our coach. We all encourage each other,” Rogers said, while Huggins added, “We cheer each other on, push each other, and really just want the best for each and every person in the volleyball program.”


A team is the fruition of individuals coming together to accomplish a common goal, but the Lady Roo volleyball team has formed bonds beyond the limits of a competitive sport. Whether playing on the court or supporting their teammates from the sidelines, at practice or at team dinner rituals, in victory or defeat, or wearing white or blue (or even pink) this team epitomizes the success that is possible through commitment to all aspects of the game. The Lady Roos will continue their journey of success as they compete in playoffs and will keep striving in practices in order to their best on the court. When a person loves the game as the Lady Roos do, hard work isn’t an obstacle.


“I believe that your relationship with your teammates is undoubtedly the most important thing,” Huggins said. “Don’t get me wrong, it’s really important to put in hours of hard work to get better, but it’s the team gives you something to work for. Because we all love each other so much, I think we all step on the court thinking that we have to work hard to win for each other.”


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