No Panic In Pandemic?

E'Myah Jones, Writer

The time we’re living in is most definitely an odd one, who would have thought that our two week spring break would last up until August? Or that thousands of people‘s jobs would be lost over the span of a couple months? Or that even through all of this, many individuals would still believe that COVID is nothing more than political propaganda? I’d be lying if I thought it wasn’t a little concerning that there seems to be a lot more people, especially in proximity to where we live, who feel the pandemic is just another inconvenience, annoying, or that wearing a mask is taking away “God’s given right” to breathe fresh air. Don’t get me wrong, I myself am just as eager to see this virus fade into our history books and for life to get back to normal again, however, simply not wearing a mask because you don’t feel like it and acting like “everything’s fine” is absolutely heinous.

Although America has a lot more freedom and rights than many other countries across the globe. I knew this would just as well be our downfall. Due to our capitalist government and ability to do as we please, as long as it’s within legal reason, we Americans have a morality issue resulting in acts of selfishness, and this selfish nature is not going to stop at the account of a global pandemic. For example, at the University of Alabama, many students decided to ban together to throw a “COVID Party” to which whoever receives the virus first would win a prize. If this doesn’t scream stupidity and entitlement, I don’t know what does. Not only this, but there are hundreds of establishments reopening everyday across the country, though there are still thousands of people carrying the virus, most likely not even knowing they have it, passing it off as a simple cold or flu. Continuously, I’ve heard so many people around my age saying things like “It doesn’t affect our bodies too badly..” or “We’re probably not gonna die from it,” to which I simply roll my eyes. This, once again, goes back to the selfishness we’re taught from a young age watching how the people we look up to and how the country works, completely disregarding the safety of anyone who doesn’t pertain to them.

As controversial as it may seem, American schools should not be open under any circumstances right now. Saying that we have the highest cases of COVID in the world, and that they continue to grow each day, why would it make sense to have thousands of teenagers and children come in contact with each other everyday? With some having extracurriculars and work, and then having to go back home and put the rest of their family’s lives at risk? Regardless of sanitary procedures or not, I’m sorry, but that makes absolutely no sense to me. It took a global pandemic for many people to start properly washing their hands, what makes one think that they’ll care about sanitation? I mean, we’ve already had a few confirmed cases of the virus not only across WISD, but in our own high school. Online may not be for everyone, but we are in a global pandemic, the least we could do is have every student stay home as much as possible until things start looking up.

Although, I have my strong opinions on what should and shouldn’t be done about this pandemic, I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss how life was before. Many of us couldn’t even go on our annual summer trips or enjoy our last summer as high schoolers. As it’s I and many other students’ senior year, I would kill to participate in senior activities, audition for the spring musical, and dressing differently everyday. I long for the crazy, fun, unpredictable nature that school had once bestowed. I mean, we’re not even sure if we’ll even have a normal prom or graduation come second semester, however, that shouldn’t stop us from taking the precautions we need to end this pandemic quicker and safer. Just because you’re over the pandemic does not mean it is over. Wear your masks, wash your hands, stay home if you feel sick, and just be patient then maybe, just maybe, we can have our normal lives back.