20 Study Tips That Will Change The Way You Study!

With April showers come May exams! Here are 20 study tips to help you ace those test!

Shelby Gilley, Staff Writer

1. Stay organized!! Do NOT underestimate the power of a clean work space to help you study.

2. Buy a planner!! Planners are great to write down important dates, tests, assignments, and set aside times to study- all with the help of a to-do list!

3. Post it notes. Post its are a quick, fun, and great reminder for the little things you need to remember, or even just use them in study supplies as a easy way to flip to exactly what you need.

4. When using highlighters, make sure you’re only highlighting the most important parts of what you’re reading. If you’ve highlighted everything, you’ve essentially highlighted nothing, and you’ll be less likely to remember.

5. Explain your answers! When you are explaining information, you’re more likely to remember it because your brain is perceiving it in a different way.

6. Form a study group!! Even if you’re just meeting once a week, it’s the little amounts of effort you and your peers give that could help you get that grade or pass that test!

7. Take regular breaks! It is totally okay to take breaks while studying; some teachers even encourage it! If you’re going to be studying for large amount of time, take breaks when you find a stopping point. Breaks help you gather your thoughts before moving on to a different concept.

8. SNACK TIME!! Snack on “brain foods” to help stimulate the brain, and even later help recall information. Foods such as eggs, avocados, kale, dark chocolate, and walnuts are all brain food, and are pretty tasty too!

9. Don’t procrastinate! Almost all high school students share the desire to procrastinate; however, procrastinating and putting off studying until the last minute will not only cause you to stress, but also you may not have all the important information memorized.

10. Flash cards! Flash cards are quick to make. Also, having someone quiz you is a helpful way to see what information you need to review.

11. Color coding is a great way to stay organized and to keep your brain focused on the information while studying!

12. Limit distractions! Put your phone away, turn off all screens, and go somewhere quiet or to wherever you can ‘get your study on.’

13. Take notes! Writing down information can help you recall that information later on.

14. Lighting! Even good lighting can help relax you and improve focus when studying.

15. Calming music is also good for studying because it is known to help relax and to soothe.

16. Turn information in whatever you’re reading into questions that could potentially pop up on a quiz, assignment, or test.

17. Get enough sleep! To do your best, you must be well rested!

18. The internet is a awesome resource you have at your fingertips for studying- USE IT!!

19. Go to your teachers for tutoring in order to understand the subjects you may struggle with.

20. APPS!! For reviews, help, and quizzes you can access easy free, online help apps found on the app store.