Mrs. Garcia: A New Favorite

Laura Garcia is a new teacher here at Weatherford High School, she teaches Algebra for all grades. She graduated from Texas Wesleyan University located in Fort Worth. Before coming to WHS she taught at the Aledo Ninth Grade Center.

Her favorite hobby is to learn new things and her favorite color is purple. She says one of her favorite things about WHS is working with the diversity of students, and their wide range of skills. If she could be anyone besides herself she “would probably live out [her] dream of becoming a famous musician,” stated Mrs. Garcia, which was given by her favorite folk singer-songwriter, Regina Spector.

One of her favorite quotes, “where our deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet, we hear a further call” by Fredrick Buechner is the quote which inspired her to pursue a career in teaching.

“Whatever you want to do and what the world needs is what you’re meant to do, and I found it in teaching,” said Garcia. Mrs. Garcia’s favorite place in the world is Portland. She loves the small buisness and how healthy the people are.

“They walk everywhere!” she says.

I have seen Mrs.Garcia’s teaching first hand as I am in her 2nd period class. She’s very positive and works with her students to make sure they’re being taught in the most comfortable way.

“I am all about my students” Garcia says.

She makes class entertaining and there is truly never a dull moment. We do hope she sticks around for many more years teaching the students of WHS!