Prom Dress Code

Why it exists and why some students are upset by it.


Madison Metzger, Online Editor

As Weatherford High School’s Senior Prom approaches, more information on tickets, dates, and attire is released by administrators. The most recent information sent in a mass email to Senior students contains the prom’s dress code containing 11 guidelines for girls’ attire and four guidelines for boys’.

The only similar rule between the differing dress codes is that only natural hair colors are allowed at the event. Other than that, the majority of the girls’ dress code revolves around how a dress fits a girl’s curves. It also provides specific measurements to aid young women attending prom in choosing an appropriate dress that will comply with the dress code. One such guideline states that there should not be more than 2” between the two pieces of a two-piece dress. Another one states that a u-shaped neckline must be 1” above the center of a girl’s bra. Not only does one of these rules suggest undergarments are required, but the rules do not take into account the fact that all bodies are different and specific measurements will not accommodate all body types.

Students were not aware that a dress code like this one would be enforced for Weatherford’s Senior Prom. Because of this many Senior girls have already purchased their prom dresses.

“I got it before all the cute dresses were sold out or already taken. Usually, prom dresses are cheaper the earlier you get them,” Senior, Carlie Ogle said.

However, some may have to alter their dress or purchase a new one to be able to attend prom.

“I might not be able to wear my dress now. I got mine early so I could get it out of the way and have more options to choose from and so I wouldn’t match anyone else’s dress. I also did not know there was a packet being sent out,” Senior, Bailee Dehls said.

Dehls along with others may have to get their dresses approved by school administrators if they are questionable according to the dress code. Boys do not have to get any part of their attire approved by administration. Boys also have significantly fewer restrictions on prom attire. Despite the prom being a formal event, boys are not required to wear a tuxedo or a suit, however other types of formal attire for boys are not specified other than starched cowboy jeans which are the exception to the “no jeans” rule in the boys’ dress code. Baseball caps are also allowed despite not being considered a part of typical formal attire.

“I bought my dress about a month ago because I wanted to get it before everybody else bought dresses. I showed Mrs. Cargill and Mr. Normand and they said the slit was really high because I have long arms that almost reach my knees and they the dress showed cleavage that I do not have.” Senior, Emma Bandy said.

While some students are more than willing to comply with the prom dress code Weatherford High School administrators have created, others are not. This leaves some wondering why there is a dress code for an event held outside of school.

“It’s a night for me. I didn’t expect to have regulations since it’s a celebration and not a professional event.” Senior, Olivia Williams said.

Lacey McGowan, a teacher at Weatherford High School and this year’s prom sponsor explained why a dress code is needed despite frustration from some students.

“It was set because obviously, we are at a prom venue, we are representing our school and our community and we want to make sure that we are exhibiting the best part of Weatherford that we can,” McGowan said.