Everything You Need to Know About WHS Prom 2023 (For now, at least)

Prom is a huge event for high schoolers, and with the big dance arriving soon at Weatherford High School, information is essential for this upcoming occasion.  Here are some things you need to know about. Students can purchase tickets from January 19 to May 12. But now is better than later.
  • Tickets cost $50 per student if purchased during January and February.
  • Tickets go up to $75 per student if you purchase them during March and April.
  • Then they shoot up again to $95 per student if you purchase them from May 1st through May 12. 
  • After May 12, you’re out of luck. Tickets won’t be sold.
Ticket sales begin online on January 19, and can be purchased with cash, credit, or check from administrative assistant Kelly Sauvage in Admin A before school, after school, or during lunch only. You must present your ID to enter the prom.    Seniors may bring one date to the prom, and if your date does not attend WHS, you must fill out a “Date Approval Form,” and your date must turn in a letter of good character from their high school principal to Sauvage before you can purchase a ticket.    Your date must be at least a Sophomore in high school, and can’t be over the age of 20. If your date does not attend the high school, they must submit their valid driver’s license or state ID to  Sauvage in the front office. If your date changes before May 12, you must supply to Sauvage the name and any other required information of the date. Any date changes after May 12 won’t be accepted.   Information packets will be available in Admin A or from Rita Delaney (K106) and Alexa Villa (K107). Ticket payments can be made online with the link below or in Admin A with cash or check.  

Payment Link

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