Start Getting Ready for WHS Career Fair

The WHS Career Fair will be held on April 27th during 3rd period. The local Workforce Solutions office is assisting Weatherford High School in securing local business and industry partners for the event. Hiring managers will be on-site during the fair and students will be able to fill out job applications and in some instances experience on-the-spot interviews. So come prepared. There will be summer job opportunities or full-time employment options for graduating seniors entering the workforce.
  • They will rotate to the Career Fair based on grade level.
“If you have students who will be looking for full-time employment, I would encourage them to create an account at Work in Texas prior to the event,” said CTE Coordinator Ember McCune. “By doing this, it will help them not only look for jobs but registered employers use this to find candidates for their job openings.” Work in Texas has an easy-to-use resume builder. If students are having difficulty thinking of their skills when creating a resume, here are some things you should recall:
  • Certifications obtained in CTE courses
  • Tools they are experienced with
  • Computer skills such as Google Docs, Microsoft, etc. 
  • The ability to speak other languages
  • Leadership experience
  • CTSO participation, competitions participated in, and awards received
  • Communication skills
  • People skills
  • Collaboration talent
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Hobbies or interests

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