Trends Under the Tree

Staff Writer Allison Williams takes a look at some of 2019’s most popular gifts!

Allison Williams, Staff Writer

1). Bullet Journals

A bullet journal for anyone who has been, well, wanting to take part in the whole bullet journaling craze. This system allows you to detail your past, present, and future: you’ll get to keep a record of things that have happened, help tackle daily activities with a sense of calm, and jot down all the goals you’d like to one day accomplish.

2). AvoSeedo 

A starter kit that turns growing their own avocados into a foolproof pursuit: All they’ll have to do is grab a clean pit, set it into the AvoSeedo bowl, place said bowl in water, and that’s it! They’re done. Their very own indoor produce will begin to grow in about three to six weeks and not even a finger will have been lifted in the process.


3). A SmartWatch

A wristwatch guaranteed to become their new staple accessory and something they’ll never leave the house without. They’ll slap this on every morning before sprinting to work, knowing full-well that they look put-together on account of this chic timepiece.

4). Mental Perk: A Friends Quiz Book

 Mental Perk: A Friends Quiz Book by Rich Jepson packed with (you guessed it!) trivia surrounding their favorite TV show. While the questions become harder as the quizzes progress, you know good and well that your friend has watched the show a whopping 97 times and therefore will probably breeze right through it. But that’s okay! It’ll still be an A+ gift.

5). A s’mores maker

An electric s’mores maker to bring the great outdoors into the comfort of their own home. This unit comes equipped with two stainless steel roasting forks and will get you heaven (heaven in this context = a perfectly toasted marshmallow) in mere minutes every single time.

6). Fuzzy Socks!!

Crew socks that are like a warm hug for your feet, because who says toes don’t deserve a good snuggle? Plus, these will do a good job at keeping their hooves feeling warm without making ’em sweaty…which is no small feat.

7). A Polaroid Camera! 

An Instax camera kit to help them break their habit of only taking photos on their phone and NEVER printing them out to decorate their walls.