College Applications Opened…Are You Accepted Yet?

Read three girls’ stories to acceptance before September.


Madalyn Harris, Co-Editor

Story by: Co-Editor, Madalyn Harris

As the rising senior class of 2017 navigates across the barrier between childhood and adult life, college applications open as a gateway to independence and maturation. Abby Tharp, Chloe Peacock, and Mackinzey Boyer all took advantage of an early start to the application process as all three girls currently possess college acceptances or commits before the month of September even arrives.

The girls listed above all maintain a level of focus and dedication that most students fail to mimic as thoroughly. While the majority of those who seek higher academic avenues continue the college application process with procrastination and distraction slowing down the progress associated with the future, Tharp, Peacock, and Boyer exhibit undying anticipation and preparedness despite the disruptions of everyday life.

“I applied early, so that I could have the relief of not stressing about it throughout the [school] year,” Texas Tech acceptee, Tharp said. “I am so excited to be accepted into Tech and be a part of the Red Raider community.”

However, other students like Boyer, remain open to other schools in their college application approach.

I’m not really sure when I will make my final decision. Hardin Simmons University definitely is going to be hard to beat,” Boyer said. “I’m very excited about my acceptance because I absolutely fell in love with the school and the atmosphere, but I am also keeping my options open because you never know what could happen.”

Peacock, on the other hand, approaches the process from the perspective of a prospective college athlete.

I am really excited about the next chapter in my life and what God has planned for me [at the University of the Ozarks]”, Peacock said. “ It has been a long time goal for me to play soccer at the college level so I really can’t wait. I was recruited by several other schools and could have gone to any of them but U of O is really where I want to be.”

Despite the excitement and universal levels of joy toward the girls’ acceptances, the common denominator of worrisome parents prevails as all three families attempt to balance a proud and elated demeanor with the sadness of shifting familial dynamics.  

…My mom is excited but sad at the thought of her baby leaving. I’m sure my dad is a little sad also but I think they both are very proud of me for what I have accomplished and can’t wait to see what will happen in the next chapter of my life,” Boyer said.