ICE Seprating Families

Paris Murphy, Staff Writer

Immigration and Customs Enforcement also known as ICE protects America from cross border crime and illegal immigrants that threaten national security and public safety. I feel like they haven’t been protecting the country just making people’s lives miserable. ICE has been splitting up families for years trying to cut down on immigration when really they have just been taking kids from their fathers, mothers and families. The action of family separation is heartbreaking because at a young age a child needs to be around their parents to get the love and attention a kid needs. Once they separate the kids from their families there have been reports of houses with kids in cages and matts on the ground. If there was a family who kept their child  in a cage on a concrete floor and a foil blanket they would be seen as an unfit parent but when the government does it it’s okay.


There should be a law that protects families from being torn apart not only does it affect the child but also the parents experience stress from the separation.  There have been reports of suicide from both parents and kids. In the immigration process families should be able to stay with each other so they know one another is safe and taken care of.