COVID shakes up back to school


Alex Ramirez

Students in Ms. Tharp’s English class work on an assignment.

Alex Ramirez, Reporter

COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, has been around for a while, being first discovered in December of 2019 and arriving in the United States just a few months later.  It’s really no surprise that COVID has changed people’s lives, mostly for the worse.  And with schools reopening, both with face-to-face learning and virtual learning, the question remains: Just how have people been affected by the virus these last few months, and how has school changed?

For starters, students have the option of doing online school or doing school face-to-face.  They even allow students to do both in some cases.  Of course, as it is a pandemic, students and staff are required to wear masks. 

“I had to be quarantined for a week and it sucked because I didn’t even have it,” junior Alexis Bunch said.  “All of my classes, including Graphic Design, Color Guard, and ASL are in person.  I feel like the school needs to be more strict when it comes to masks, because there have been so many people coming without masks.”

Naturally, students have varying opinions about coming back to school.  Some are ecstatic because they get to see their friends and favorite teachers while others are not so excited and would rather do online school.

“I’m currently taking Biology, Choir, Dance, Communications, English and Spanish 2, Credit Recovery, and Culinary,” sophomore Lillian Beck said. “I started the school year doing online before coming to the campus, and I feel like the school’s been doing a good job at handling the virus.”