Winter Fashion Items Every Guy Needs

Shaun Bakken, Guest Writer

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The winter season opens the avenue for diversity when it comes to fashion, in the sense of being able to use layers to compliment individual pieces of clothing. With this in mind, winter also allows for the use of many different neutral shades to create an outfit that stands out. At the same time, by using layers a person can also select a single tone that allows for a single article of clothing to stand out. Here are the winter fashion items every guy needs:


Suede/Leather Boots

Leather/Suede boots can range from a variety of styles including chukkas and chelsea boots. Boots such as these are good options for the winter season because of how versatile they are when it comes to a dressy or casual outfit, as well as how well they compliment the often ‘professional’ look of outfits during the winter season as per the multitude of layers.



Similar to suede/leather boots, peacoats/topcoats can be utilized to create an outfit that is either dressy, casual or even both. Not to mention, peacoats/topcoats commonly come in neutral colors that can act as a good ‘final layer’ to go over a jacket, hoodie, or cardigan that meshes well with the rest of the outfit.




Scarves are a common accessory to wear in the winter because they’re lightweight and come in a vast variety of styles and colors. Many scarves can easily blend well with cardigans or coats as with other winter apparel.



Thick Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have progressively gained popularity in the fall and winter seasons. This popularity is warranted considering that denim jackets are naturally a very complimentary piece of clothing because of their style and many different shades of blue.



Dark Hoodie

Even though this is an item almost every guy has in their closet, many people oversee the fact that hoodies can compliment winter outfits when it comes to layering. For example, when it comes to layering underneath a long heavy coat such as a peacoat, a hoodie can easily be a substitute for a sweater which is commonly worn.



Neutral Colored Suede/Leather Sneakers

Similar to the suede/leather boots, suede/leather sneakers are very versatile in the winter season because leather and suede are seen more commonly in many outfits. Although, wearing sneakers with a winter outfit is typically done to mute an outfit that’s intended to be more casual as opposed to dressy or professional.



Minimalist Watch

Depending on one’s style in the winter season, luxury watches or mechanically-styled watches may compliment the outfit. However, a minimalist watch provides a middle-ground when it comes to aspiring to wear an outfit that’s either dressy or casual.


Winter is a season that provides a lot of opportunities when it comes to fashion; there are many options when it comes to layering and generally outfits that can be either professional or casual depending on one’s own style.


Photos by Andi Bakken

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