Sunflowers: The New Symbol of Resistance and Hope

The world stands with Ukraine and it’s people


Miguel Patino, Editor-in-chief

With the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian people have adapted to a new reality. Most have lost everything and memories are what’s left. The world is with Ukraine and its people; over the last couple of days, people have been donating to numerous organizations and are even booking Airbnbs in Ukraine, not with the intent of staying there but instead helping the individuals and local communities in need of help including financial aid.

A few days ago a viral video was posted on Twitter of a woman confronting Russian soldiers. The video went viral and was re-posted on Tik Tok numerous times. The video consisted of a Ukrainian woman asking soldiers to take the sunflower seeds that she had in her hands. The video translated to “Take these seeds so sunflowers grow when you die here” the woman later followed with “Guys, put these seeds into your pockets. Take these seeds. You will die here with them. You’ve come to my land … Do you understand? You’re occupiers. You’re enemies. And from now on, you’re cursed.”

Since the video was posted, worldwide protests have been happening in all countries. The sunflower seed that was once Ukraine’s national flower has become a symbol of hope and resistance. People are showing support by wearing the flower proudly and showing that the world is with Ukraine and that Russia will pay for all the deaths that have occurred on Ukrainian soil.