Diggin’ the Duggin

This Thanksgiving, GrassBurr covers WHS staff members we are thankful for!

E'Myah Jones, Staff Writer


Within our society, we applaud numerous occupations from doctors, engineers, politicians, all of which deserve praise. However, there’s one job in particular that gets pushed out of the spotlight, although without them, many of us would without a doubt be ignorant to the world around us; teachers. Teachers help our youth with everyday struggles both inside and outside the classroom and don’t expect anything in return but a small paycheck. Many don’t realize how strong their impact truly is, and the fact that they save lives just as doctors do, come up with mathematical and scientific solutions like engineers do, and challenge each student’s intellect as politicians do.


One of the teachers I hear the most positive feedback from other students is Mr. Duggin. Mr. Duggin is a math teacher who not only teaches his students at a pace in which they understand, but incorporates life lessons into them as well. Coupled with humor and care for each student’s mental state, Mr. Duggin’s class has become a favorite amongst most students who have him.


While interviewing Duggin, he seemed very passionate about what being a teacher is all about and why nothing is to be taken lightly. “I’ve always enjoyed working with students and young people, and I feel young at heart too. Plus I get to spend a lot of time with my family,” said Duggin. The conversation soon took a more serious turn when asked about students and mental health. 


“We have to be able to realize when something’s going on, like something feels different and be able to have those conversations with the students. Basically building a relationship with that student,” said Duggin. 


As a former student of Mr. Duggin, his class was always the highlight of my day. Whether I was in a state of sadness or joy, his class always felt understanding and non-judgemental, regardless if it was Mr. Duggin himself or any other fellow students. It’s as if Duggin’s natural vibe had an affect on the entire class, causing everyone to care about one another, creating a tolerance for learning one of the most dreaded subjects. Mr. Duggin even made a habit of asking students one on one about their feelings if something felt wrong. 


Overall, Mr. Duggin is a prime example on why teachers are a vital aspect of our society, for without teachers like him, many students would suffer from emotional turmoil and a dislike for learning not only mathematics, but life’s challenges.